Cost effective

Self-hosting booking solution for hotels with no monthly fees on performance

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High reliability

Payment managed by a recognized international payment services company with reasonable rates

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Extensive features

Allow you to manage pricing, booking and coupon in a single place

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Online Booking Made Easy.

online booking system phnom penh cambodia

Online Booking System Cambodia

Located in Phnom Penh Cambodia, dao² web development company offer you a new way to manage your business that takes the hassle out of reservations & online payments. Over 60% of visitors to your website are there to check pricing, availability and make a booking. 34% of those are outside of normal business hours. Who’s getting the booking? We are here to help!

dao² web development company make it easy for you to manage bookings and customers in a unified tool set, while seamlessly integrating into popular services and solutions that empower your business. Besides, specific accounts can be created for users to only view the booking part. Your customers'll not leave your website to make booking & only at payment time will they be redirected to the payment gateway.

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Your business has grown! Now it is time for your website to catch up.

We're a webdesign firm based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We don't just build websites, we help you build your business.

What Clients Say About Us

dao² proved an invaluable partner for our educational project, with a wealth of knowledge and very good understanding of what is needed to make ICT relevant in education. dao² helped us to demonstrate how an affordable Linux based netbook with the right set of useful software and services can really make a difference. And the lessons we learned from them were not only relevant in emerging economies but proved to be universal and useful to share with all our partners.

More than just a website

We strive to create websites that have a meaningful and measurable impact on our client’s success because creating business for our clients is our goal.

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