Multi-layer spam prevention from Message Sniffer, CYREN Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) and Zero-Hour Antivirus accurately captures more than 99% of spams, virus and malware.

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dao² Email Hosting uses iDNS technology to automatically detects the fastest uplink provided by your Internet Service Provider to enhance the speed and stability of our Email Hosting services.

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dao² Email Hosting offers seamless integration on Outlook, advanced spam and virus protection, and comprehensive mail rules for highly customizable email experience.

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Reliable, Business Class Email Hosting Solution.

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Email Hosting Cambodia

dao² Email Hosting service ideal for businesses looking for reliable and professional email service with premium business features. Our Email Hosting service delivers 20GB extra-large mailbox with easy-to-use Webmail interface to bring an integrated user experience to clients.

  • Email Monitoring: Create incoming and outgoing forwarding on individual mailboxes or domain level for user specific conversation record
  • Content Filtering: Apply filter conditions on specific email addresses, attachments, words and phrase. Allow automatically sort, delete or bounce incoming messages
  • Statistics Report: View Traffic, Message Sent and Received, Mailbox Disk Usage on domain level or specific users
  • Runs on Cloud Architecture: 99.95% Uptime Guarantee with Load Balancing System to distribution workload on multiple nodes

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dao² proved an invaluable partner for our educational project, with a wealth of knowledge and very good understanding of what is needed to make ICT relevant in education. dao² helped us to demonstrate how an affordable Linux based netbook with the right set of useful software and services can really make a difference. And the lessons we learned from them were not only relevant in emerging economies but proved to be universal and useful to share with all our partners.

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