Open Source

As a development model promotes a universal access via an open license to a product's design or blueprint, and universal redistribution of that design or blueprint.

Open Standards

A standard that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how it was designed e.g. open process.

Open Mind

Having an open mind means being willing and able to innovate. Having an IT setup that allows you to feed & collect all kinds of info in one place, that lets you see how well you are doing in any market.

Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, dao² web development company strive to give you the best of website designs and software development services by the use of open technologies with a multitude of other technical features. At dao², we believe in making the world a better place through open technology.

Not all website designers or software developers are the same!

Proprietary technology that locks you in, exorbitant software licence costs that break the bank, techies that you can't understand. Don't put up with it any more. dao² is different. We understand business and can help you achieve what you need, without the techno-babble and without the hard-sell.

We use technologies that meet your needs

dao² web development company applies technology smartly to get the job done on schedule and budget, from starter website design to complex e-commerce websites or platforms, from simple web application to large scale ERP software, from web hosting to online booking system. We make use of best-in-class technology and re-use existing applications wherever possible, to give your project a head start and the management a happy feeling.

  • Open Source Technology Consulting +

    dao² web development company offers consulting services regarding operating system, web, desktop or mobile application software, middleware, protocols, tools and utilities, etc.
  • Open Source Tools +

    dao² web development company uses well tested open source development tools and offers services like website design or application or software development, linux customization and enhancements, etc.
  • Open Source Packages +

    dao² web development company offers consulting, planning and execution services regarding security, features, documentation, code maintenance, enhancements, compatibility studies, etc.
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Why dao² Phnom Penh Cambodia

Fast and cost-effective web development cycle

No matter you need a professional website, a customized software or some IT advices for your business, dao² is dedicated to providing innovative and professional services that will exceed your expectations. With years of expertise in the field, you can simply count on our expertise and experience in giving you the right solution at reasonable cost. Please contact us to explore the broad range of solutions we can provide to empower your company to conduct businesses locally and globally.

Who're we? Website & software design house in Phnom Penh Cambodia


What Clients Say About Us

dao² proved an invaluable partner for our educational project, with a wealth of knowledge and very good understanding of what is needed to make ICT relevant in education. dao² helped us to demonstrate how an affordable Linux based netbook with the right set of useful software and services can really make a difference. And the lessons we learned from them were not only relevant in emerging economies but proved to be universal and useful to share with all our partners.

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We have lots of very happy customers but always have room for one more. Give us a call or send us an email.

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We speak your language

People from dao² web development company are not your typical geeks. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand - and be understood by - business people and entreprenuers like you. We're geeks, but just normal too.

We use well-tested technology

dao² web development company develop using popular and well-tested tools. Our wide range of expertise means that we always have the right tools on hand to help you with your business.

Need Help?

We strive to help businesses by using technology in smarter, more effective ways. We aim at making website / software designs that solve your problems.

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Open source is the head start

Because we prefer technology that is extendable and reliable, dao² web development company can build your websites, software or applications in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software and systems.

We don't lock you in

Your website is yours, and you can get a copy of it at any time, and do what you want with it. Our clients continue to use us because we provide good services, not because we force them to.