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Established in 2006

dao² was born out of the founders' passion for helping friends and the belief that high quality business management and information technology consulting services can improve and grow existing businesses efficiently.

dao² in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia dao² is focused on IT consulting, designing interactive & responsive websites, developing customized web and desktop applications as well as providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing solutions to businesses, associations and NGOs in Cambodia and other countries in the world.

dao² is not just a web development company

We're a business development company that happens to use the web as our preferred business development channel. Some clients come to us with batches of documents & photos, some with existing websites, and others with an idea on some used papers. As long as your goal is to build something awesome, we make it happen!


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What We Do

  • Website design +

    Our portfolio of website designs built up over the last 10 years ranging from businesses and e-commerce to communities and Learn more
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO +

    dao² web development company offer SEO packages based around your needs, tailoring the diagnosis and reporting around the goals you’ve Learn more
  • Software development +

    dao² web development company have a great experience in designing and developing both cloud and desktop applications that provide sophisticated Learn more
  • Other services +

    dao² web development company provide other IT related services ranging from IT support, online booking system, training, online marketing, website Learn more
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dao² proved an invaluable partner for our educational project, with a wealth of knowledge and very good understanding of what is needed to make ICT relevant in education. dao² helped us to demonstrate how an affordable Linux based netbook with the right set of useful software and services can really make a difference. And the lessons we learned from them were not only relevant in emerging economies but proved to be universal and useful to share with all our partners.

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Can your technology keep up with you as your business grows?

We're a IT Company based in Cambodia. We don't just build software or websites, we help you build your business.