Designed by dao², a new website has been launched, has been designed to represent the personalities of the top French restaurant in Phnom Penh: elegant, finest quality, luxury. This new responsive website also provides detailed booking and menu information to customers with all current menus and prices on the site. Any audiences who want to book a table for lunch or dinner, they can simply go to the website to make reservation...

One of the challenges of making the new Topaz website was to keep the restaurant atmosphere, colors as the Topaz team felt it while migrating to a mobile ready and intuitive website. We went through a lot of attempts where we needed to find a balance between the selected photos, what they represented, the bordering, shadows and scalability over the various screen sizes. We had to find a balance between location photos and colorful dishes. We say colorful because the aspect of a website is inherently linked to the colors display. You need to present elements which remain attractive to the eye, regardless of the culinary value of the dish. Luckily Topaz and the Thalias Group as a whole understand those needs and put a lot of efforts in the beautiful photos they provide. So we talked a lot, looked at the various options, studied various combination and came up with a very good result or at least we both feel so.

Since part of their business is to attract tourists to go to their restaurants, we have been also putting a lot of our efforts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to bring their restaurant website to the front page when potential customers are searching for fine dining restaurant in Phnom Penh. We believe this new mobile ready website will help our client, not only to enhance the image among the target segements, but definitely also bring in more businesses.

About Topaz Restaurant Phnom Penh

Located in the heart of Phnom Penh, Topaz Restaurant is recognized as one of the most renowned fine dining or French restaurants in the Asia Pacific region. Topaz Restaurant offers French traditional cuisine with refined atmosphere and Asian inspired decoration. Our menu at Topaz Restaurant is a precise combination of fine dining experience and experiment. A favourite meeting, greeting and dining place for the capital’s great and good, our carefully crafted menus reflect and respect their high expectations of food, privacy, ambiance and luxury. Topaz Restaurant also boasts a deep wine cellar and a walk in humidor-stocked with the finest imported cigars and have a lively piano bar and club upstairs ready to serve those who love to enjoy great music and world-class wine.

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