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When you are writing copy for your website, one of the first things that you need to think about is selecting the right key words. When you think about the fact that the majority of the people who come to your site are going to be getting there through search engines, you will realize that using the best and most representative key words is in you best interest.

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When thinking about keywords for your website, there are many things to keep in mind. Think about it is you offer and will benefit the most from your services. How will they search? What are they hoping to find? Studies show that about fifty percent of online sales are preceded by the use of a search engine. When you work with key words, you are ensuring that your link will be one of the first ones that they see. When selecting the right key words make sure that you use them in context; because search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated, they will also search relevance and context when it comes to key word use.

When it comes to selecting the right key words for your website, one of the best tools for you to use a program like Google Analytics. Through placing a line of code onto your home page, you will find how people end up there. What searches are they using to get to your page, and when they get there, is it what they wanted. Though Google Analytics can sometimes yield some extremely amusing results, you'll also find that it can be instructive. If you find out that the majority of the people who arrive at your page are not actually interested in the services you provide at all, you know that there are changes that need to be made. If your copy is poorly worded it can prevent the right people from finding your site.

When you buy into Google AdWords for your website, you can arrange it so that your sponsored link shows up when certain key words are used in a search. This is an excellent way to find out how popular a search is. Even if you don't use this program as the primary form of advertisement, you can still use it to figure out what words are the best and most popular ones to use. With Google AdWords, you can change them daily if you want, and when you do this, you can conduct your own research on whether you are selecting the right key words for your website.

Selecting the right key words for your websites is an important part of internet marketing; ensure that your web site will be one of the first ones that people see when they they search using search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

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